Machine Tools (工作機械)
Auto Lathe5

Citizen CNC Auto Lathe, BL12-V, 2005

Citizen CNC Auto Lathe
Model: BL12-V
Year: 2005

Control: Fanuc CNC Control

Max. working diameter: 12 mm
Max. drilling diameter: 6 mm
Max. tapping diameter: M6
Spindle through hole diameter: 13.2 mm

Spindle speed: 100 - 12000 rpm

Max. chuck diameter of back spindle: 12 mm
Max. working length of back spindle: 30 mm
Max. drilling diameter of back spindle: 4 mm
Max. tapping diameter in the back spindle: M4
Back spindle speed: 100 - 5250 rpm

Bar feeder: Salmon S12A, 3.0 meter
Main + Sub collet chuck
Sup spindle
Chip conveyor

Star CNC Auto Lathe, SG-42, 2015

Star CNC Auto Lathe
Model: SG-42
Year: 2015

Control: Fanuc 32i-MODEL A

Collet chuck

Max. working dia.: 42 mm
Max. drilling: 23 mm
Max. tapping: M16 x P2.0
Max. milling dia.: 20 mm

Main spindle speed: 7000 rpm
Milling spindle speed: 7000 rpm
Rotary tool speed: 5700 rpm

Turret: 10 stations

C-axis indexing: 0.001 degree

Bar Feeder (Alps ASR X-45 / 51PN2)
High pressure coolant
Automatic fire extinguishing device
Chip conveyor

Miyano CNC Auto Lathe, BND-34T2, 1994

Miyano CNC Auto Lathe
Model: BND-34T2
Year: 1994

Control: Fanuc 0-T

Max. turning dia.: 120 mm
Max. turning length: 178 mm
Bar capacity: 34 mm

Stroke (X,Z): 102 x 280 mm

Spindle speed: 5,000 rpm

Turret (main / sub)
Parts catcher
Carry-out conveyor
With auto bar

Tsugami CNC Auto Lathe, B0325II, 2014

Tsugami CNC Auto Lathe
Model: B0325II
Year: 2014

Control: Fanuc 0i-TD

Max. working diameter: 32 mm
Max. working length: 320 mm
Max. number of tools: 27 sets

Main spindle speed: 200 - 8000 rpm
Back spindle speed: 200 - 8000 rpm

With C-axis
With chip
With bar feeder: ASR X-34ZII, 3 m

Machine weight: 3500 kg

Tsugami CNC Auto Lathe, B0205-II, 2014

Tsugami CNC Auto Lathe
Model: B0205-II
Year: 2014

Control: Fanuc 0i-TD, 5-axis

Max. working diameter: 20 mm
Max. working length: 210 mm
Main spindle speed: 200 - 10000 rpm
Back spindle speed: 200 - 12000 rpm
Total number of tools: 21
Rapid traverse rate: 32 mmin
Main spindle motor: 2.2/3.7 kw

Number of tool mountings: 21 (outer diameter 9, inner diameter 8, back 4)

Machine dimension: 1655 x 1135 x 1700 mm
Machine weight: 2000 kg

Bar feeder: S-K, dia.: 500 mm