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Gear Machine4
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SEIWA MS-30NC, 2008

SEIWA CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
Model: MS-30NC
Year: 2008

Control: Fanuc 18i-MB

Maximum outer diameter that can be cut: 300 mm,
Maximum module m.6,
Work table diameter: 350 mm, hole diameter: 80 mm,
Vertical travel distance of hob saddle: 350 mm,
Axial distance between hob arbor and work arbor: 20 to 255 mm,
Maximum outer diameter and length of hob that can be attached: 140 x 180 mm,
Maximum axial adjustment distance of hob: 180 mm,
Hob rotation speed: 100 to 400 rpm

Mitsubishi ST25CNC, 2008

Mitsubishi CNC Gear Shaper Machine
Model: ST25CNC
Year: 2008

Control: Fanuc 160i-MB

Part max. diameter: 250mm
Max. module: 6M
Max. gear width: 60mm
Cutter stroke: 120 to 1,000 str/min
Rotary feedrate: 0.1 to 10 mm
Radial cutting feed: 0.001 to 0.1 mm
Radial rapid traverse: 10.000 mm/min
Number of cuts: 1 to 4
Cutter spindle diameter: 100 mm
Controlled axes: 6
Main motor: 10kw
Machine weight: 6,500kg

Reishauer Gear Grinding Machine, RZ300E, 1991

Reishauer Gear Grinding Machine
Model: RZ300E
Year: 1991

Working range:
Pitch: module 0.5 - 5
Number of teeth: 7-256
Root diameter: 10 mm
Tip diameter: 300 mm
Slide stroke: 180 mm
Helix angle: +/- 45 degree
Workpiece weight with fixings: 50 kg

Mitsubishi ZG1000CNC, 1994

Mitsubishi CNC Gear Grinding Machine
Model: ZG1000CNC
Year: 1994

Control: Fanuc 16M

Max. working diameter: 1000 mm
Max. diameter module: 18M
Max. swiveling angle: +/- 45 degree
Max. radial travel: 600 mm

Reishauer RZ820, 1995

Reishauer CNC Gear Grinding Machine
Model: RZ820
Year: 1995

Max. working diameter: 800 mm
Min. working diameter: 60 mm
With dressing device

Set with OK5123 grinding wheel AM10 (module 0.5-9, diameter 400-270 mm)