Machine Tools (工作機械)
Grinding Machine4


OKAMOTO CNC Surface Grinding Machine
Model: PSG63SAiQ
Year: 2013
S/N: 54042

Control: SA-iQ
(Equipped with simultaneous 2-axis NC)
(Traverse & plunge grinding possible)

Table size: 750 x 330 mm
Max. loading weight: 420 kg

Oil-cooled electromagnetic chuck
600 x 300 x 95 mm

Whetstone: (O/D)255 x (t)25 x (I/D)50.8 mm
Rotary speed: 500 - 3600 rpm

Machine dimension: 3224 x 2204 x 2379 mm
Machine weight: 3200 kg


OKAMOTO CNC High Precision Forming Grinding Machine
Model: HPG-500NCL
Year: 2019

Control: Fanuc CNC Control

Table size: 500 x 150 mm
Table movement: 540 x 180 mm
Max. loading weight: 80 kg
Distance from top to bottom of table: 390 mm

Whetstone dimensions: (O/D)180 X (t)32 x (I/D)31.75 mm

Machine dimension: 1900 x 1100 x 1700 mm
Machine weight: 1600 kg

Okamoto CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, OGM-250EXB, 2005

Okamoto CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Model: OGM-250EXB
Year: 2005
S/N: 4122

Control: Fanuc 21GA

Swing on table: 220 mm
Distance between center: 500 mm
Max. working dia.: 200 mm
Max. loading weight: 50 kg

Dimension: (dia.)355 x 50 mm
Spindle speed: 2000 rpm

Machine dimension: 2851 x 1735 x 1665 mm
Machine weight: 3300 kg

Paper filter

KELLENBERGER CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, KEL-VARIA UR 225/600, 1998

KELLENBERGER CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Model: KEL-VARIA UR 225/600
Year: 1998

Control: KELCO 90

Distance between center: 800 mm
Grinding length: 600 mm
Center height: 225 mm
Weight of workpiece between center: 150 kg

Stroke (X,Z): 320 x 750 mm

Toyoda 1.0 m CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, GE4P-100II, 2013

Toyoda CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Model: GE4P-100II
Year: 2013

Control: GC-50

Swing on table: 320 mm
Distance between center: 1000 mm
Grinding diameter: 0 - 300 mm
Max. working weight: 150 kg

Grinding wheel stone: (O/D)405 x 75 x (I/D)127 mm
Spindle speed: 2000 rpm

Machine floor space: 4520 x 1850 mm
Machine weight: 5000 kg

With internal research attachment

Karatsu 3.0 m CNC Cylindrical Grinder Machine, RGT-6N, 2005

Karatsu CNC Cylindrical Grinder Machine
Model: RGT-6N
Year: 2005

Control: Fanuc 18i-TB
Max. working diameter: 1000 mm
Max. working length: 3000 mm
Max. loading weight: 3000 kg
X-axis closed-loop control
Z-axis touch sensor
Journal cradle two equations

Mitsubishi CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, PD32-B100A, 2010

Mitsubishi CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Model: PD32-B100A
Year: 2010

Control: Fanuc 21i-TB
Max. swing: 320 mm
Distance between center: 1000 mm
Max. grinding diameter: 300 mm
Spindle speed: 500 mm

Sizing device (Tokyo Seimitsu)
Angular type

Shigiya 1.0 m CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, GP-30B-100NC2, 1993

Shigiya CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Model: GP-30B-100NC2
Year: 1993

Control: Fanuc 18GC

Swing on table: 300 mm
Max. loading weight: 130 kg
The size of grindstone: (O/D)405 x (t)50 x (I/D)152.4 mm
Distance between center: 1000 mm

Tailstock stroke: 30 mm, MT4

Machine weight: 3800 kg

Taiyo CNC Internal Grinding Machine, IGV-1N, 2017

Taiyo CNC Internal Grinding Machine
Model: IGV-1N
Year: 2017

Control: Fanuc 32i-Model B

Range of internal grinding diameter: 100 mm (3.9 in)
Grinding length : 100 mm (3.9 in)
Work spindle swing: 200 mm (7.8 in)
Workpiece height: 200 mm (7.8 in) [including fixture]
Max. loading weight on work table: 50 kg (110 lb) including fixture]
Grinding spindle rotation speed: 45,000 rpm
Floor space (W×D): 1,100 mm (43.4 in) × 2,800 mm (110.3 in)

Koyo CNC Centerless Grinding Machine, KC-400A, 1995

Koyo CNC Centerless Grinding Machine
Model: KC-400A
Year: 1995

Control: Fanuc Power Mate
Max. working diameter: 150 mm

With separator,
With oil tank

Machine weight: 10 ton

KOYO CNC Centerless Grinder, KC-300TH, 2006

KOYO CNC Centerless Grinder
Model: KC-300TH
Year: 2006

Control: Fanuc Power Mate (6-axis)

Working diameter: 1.6 - 120 mm
Whetstone size: 610 x 305 mm
Machine dimension: 2470 x 1975 mm
Machine weight: 7 ton


Washino CNC Profile Grinding Machine
Model: GLS-135AS
Year: 1990

Control: Fanuc 0-M

Work table: 280 x 200 mm
Longitudinal: 250mm
Cross: 80mm
Vertical: 140mm
Magnification: 20 × 50 ×
2-axis digital
Cylindrical grinder

Toshiba Rotary Grinding Machine, KRTB-16A, 1984

Toshiba Rotary Grinding Machine
Model: KRTB-16A
Year: 1984

Table: 1550 mm
Hollow: 155 mm
Pitch 25 (5 + 25)

OKAMOTO Rotary Grinding Machine, PRG6DX, 1999

OKAMOTO Rotary Grinding Machine
Model: PRG6DX
Year: 1999

Control: GRIND-X

Magnet table diameter: 600 mm
Max. turning dia.: 750 mm
Table indexing: +/- 5 degree
Max. loading weight: 150 kg

Table rotary speed: 20 - 150 rpm

Step cut spark out,
Automatic sizing,
Other multifunctional upper hydraulic dress,
High-end product


EWAG Universal Grinding Machine
Model: WS11

Workpiece data:
Workpiece Length: 0 - 25 mm
Workpiece Diameter: 0 - 25 mm

Stroke (X,Y,Z): 100 x 100 x 100 mm

Spindle drive:
Max. Number Of Revolutions: 8000 rpm
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter: 75 mm

Swiveling axes:
Swiveling Range A: 165 degree
Swiveling Range B: Unlimited degree
Swiveling Range C: 30 degree